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Last update April 15, 2012

These are some useful aviation apps for Swiss aviation, listed in Nelly's menu structure. Apps have to have to match the same criteria as websites, i.e. they are of Swiss origin or have a specific value for members of the Swiss aviation community. However, this list is not supposed to be complete. Covered mobile phone operating systems:
iOS iOS (iPhone)
Android Android

Preflight Briefing
iOS Android AeroWeather (many languages)    METAR/TAF & additional wx info    
iOS Air Navigation Pro (English)    Flight planning & GPS moving map    
iOS Android Flight Planner / Sky-Map (German)    Flight planning & GPS moving map    
iOS Luftfahrt Wetter (English)    METAR/TAF     Free
Android Schweizer Wetterradar (German)    Several wx radars for Switzerland     Free
iOS VFRiNOTAM (English/German)    NOTAMs for CH/DE/AT by DFS    

Safety & Security
iOS Android iRega (English/German/French/Italian)    Alert Rega in an emergency     Free

iOS Android LiveATC (English)    Listen to ATC worldwide    

Android Air Control (English)    Game: be an air traffic controller    
iOS Android Flight Control (English)    Game: be an air traffic controller    

Travel & Transport
iOS Android Swiss (many languages)    Booking, Check-in etc., also for BlackBerry/Nokia/Win7