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Last update April 15, 2012

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Specific Reports & Forecasts

allmetsat (English) (German) (French) (Italian)
MeteoSwiss (English) (German) (French) (Italian)
NOAA Aviation Weather Center (English) - US national aviation weather service
METAR by ICAO Code (English) - with a 36 hours archive
TAF by ICAO Code (English)
Orbifly (English/French/Italian)

Danger Warnings
MeteoSwiss Dangers (English/German/French/Italian) - Free aerodrome wind warning SMS

Föhn Diagrams
meteo centrale (English/German/French/Italian/Japanese)
Meteograms with cloud ceilings & tops above sea level
meteoblue (English/German/French/Italian...) - Enter location on top
Thermal Forecast
NZZ (German)

Local: meteoradar [ETH] (German) - Zurich area
National: NZZ (German) - SF DRS (German)
European: Westwind (English) - Meteox (English)

MeteoSwiss (German)
University of Cologne (English/German)

Webcam Maps
CentralHeli (German) Swiss webcam maps
Roundshot (English/German/French/Spanish/Chinese) Swiss 360 degrees webcam maps
Google maps (English/German/French/Italian/Romansh) - activate Webcams in the upper right
ph-b Meteo-Briefing GAFOR (German) webcams & GAFOR link
Westwind.ch (English) big webcam map
wetter + klima news (German) mit Webcams Schweiz

General Reports & Forecasts

General Aviation Weather Source Compilations
Alpenflugwetter.com (German)
Freebriefing (German)
MeteoSwiss (English) (German) (French) (Italian)
ph-b Meteo-Briefing (German)
Selfbriefing / Homebriefing from Austro Control (German)
wetter + klima news (German) - Select "Flugwetter"
Webcams Schweiz

Local Aviation Weather Sources
Wetterstation Birrfeld (German)

Topical Aviation Weather Source Compilations
www.Segelflugseite.ch (German)

Other General Weather Sources
CNN - Weather (English)
meteo.ch (German)
meteo.search.ch (German)
Meteomedia (German)
MeteoSwiss (English/German/French/Italian) - Swiss national weather service
Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Weather (German)
SF DRS - Meteo (German) with radar and wind forecast
Swiss TXT Meteo (German/French) - Select any channel on top, then page 170

Scientific Weather Sites
Top Karten University of Karlsruhe [Georg Müller] (German)
University of Basel (English/German) - Meteograms, emagrams & more
University of Cologne (English/German)
Radiosondes (English/German)
USAFE 21st Operational Weather Squadron Sembach (English)
Front, Cloud & Precipitation Europe (English) - Current Satellite Analysis
Front, Cloud & Precipitation Europe (English) - Forecasts (without fog), select PROG-BRIEFING
Westwind.ch (English) - Select Live Pics for a big webcam map with radar overlay

Training Weather Sites
Flugmeteorologie [Kurt Federer] (German)

General Weather Phenomena Descriptions

Chitambo (German) - Clouds