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Single Type
Boeing 377 Stratocruiser (English)
Combat Aircraft Homepage F-4 (English)
airliners.ch (German) - MD-11
Antonov Association Switzerland (German) - An-2
Hawker Hunter Survivors List [Thunder & Lightnings] (English)
Kaman K-MAX [Markus Herzig] (English)
Marcos F/A-18 Hornet Homepage (German)
MD11 Website (German)
P-16 [Hanspeter Strehler] (German)
Pilatus P-3 Owner Group (English)
Pilatus Porter World [Markus Herzig] (English)
Sandro Fehr's Homepage (German) - P-16 & N-20
swisshunters.info (English)
Swiss Mustangs (English) - P-51

Several Types - Swiss Sites
A Guide to Russian Airliners (English)
air-force.ch (German)
airliners.ch (German)
Airplanepage (German)
Boris' Kampfflugzeuge (German)
Les Ailes du Passé (English/French) - Vintage gliders
Markus Burri's Home Page (English) - Small planes
Messerschmitt Reference Page (German)
Schweizer Aviatik [Hanspeter Strehler] (German) - Air Force Planes
Swiss Air Force (German)
Swiss Helicopters (German)
The Airplanepage
Unofficial Site of the Swiss Air Force [Christoph Kugler] (English)
Warbird Information File Switzerland (German)

Several Types - Comprehensive or Just Useful International Sites
airliners.de (English/German)
Airliners.net (English)
ICAO Aircraft Type Designators (English)